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Thursday, January 25, 2007

List the sub project names

Did you ever need to list down the Project/Subprojects that are a part of a particular Project Plan? The problem while dealing with this issue is that you do not know in advance how many levels of nesting of Project/Subproject/Task level there might be. Well, fear not, DECODE long live!

But there are more challenges. Including but not limited to, finding the start and end positions of the substring that you want to extract. Well, if that's what you came here looking for, here is your solution. And if you are not looking for it, save it in your scrap book for your future use. Because the day you need it, you will certainly realize its utility.

The code:

SELECT decode(instr(project_path_name_list,   '>',   1,   2),   0,
SUBSTR(project_path_name_list, instr(project_path_name_list, '>') + 2),
SUBSTR(SUBSTR(project_path_name_list, instr(project_path_name_list, '>') + 2), 0,
((instr(project_path_name_list, '>', 1, 2) -(instr(project_path_name_list, '>')) -2)
FROM kdrv_projects_v
WHERE master_project_name = 'New Project'
AND project_type_code = 'TASK'

Just replace the project name with the one you want and you are ready to go!!!

- Ranjeet Rain

Monday, December 19, 2005

Request Summary Pie Chart (Bug?)

Recently, while working with a Request Summary Pie Chart I came across a wierd situation accidently. I noticed that the Chart will not drill down in certain cases. Upon researching further I came to conclude that a Request Summary Pie Chart will not drill down if there is only one result in a category. Add a request in the category that the chart fails to drill down to and it will start to work flawlesly.

A bug? Or a feature?

I am on Version 6.0.0 SP5. Apparently, this has been observed in past but Mercury folks were unable to reproduce the error. Probably this is the first instance when I have a scenario when the bug will be evident.

Mercury, you have a mail!

-- Ranjeet Rain

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Notification Delays

Its raining outside and I am waiting for a notification from ITG. I performed an action on a request and it was expected to send me a confirmation. What's going on?!?

Did you ever feel that email notifications were not being sent in time by ITG? I did. And I researched why. Turned out it was a setting in server.conf. The settings is named
EMAIL_NOTIFICATION_CHECK_INTERVAL. It specifies, in seconds, how often the service responsible for sending email notifications should run. If it is set to 600, the service would run every 10 minutes. So even if you perform an action 'now' and you expect a notification 'immediately', it would do so only when the scheduler runs next.

Now that was very simple a reason, isn't it!!!

Well, one more tip before I leave for the day. Wanna turn off notifications from an ITG server altogether?

Open server.conf and set the parameter com.kintana.core.server.TURN_ON_NOTIFICATIONS to false. Run /bin/ and re-start the ITG server. Bingo! No more notifs from ITG. About the time you start carrying your PDA to dinner with you!

-- Ranjeet Rain